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Hosted by: Dr. Kamau Kokayi

WBAI Pacifica Radio

Episode 1 – 7/21/2020

A Crisis in Consciousness

In this inaugural program Dr Kokayi lays out the foundation for his understanding of the human being as being both a physical and metaphysical presence.   With this he frames and understanding of health and disease, therapeutic systems, and the present problems of human kind as being symptomatic of a  crisis in the evolution of the human being which must be mastered for the human species to survive.

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Episode 2 – 7/28/2020

The Heart of the Matter

Dr Kokayi shares his own challenge with a heart issue and reviews how other lenses and ways of looking at the problem actually lead to its going into remission.  Within a bioenergetics model of the human being the heart is central to the human species and the quality of the emotion that a human being holds onto can affect the health of the entire person.

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Episode 3 – 8/4/2020

From Chinese Medicine to Homeopathy: Pattern Recognition

Dr Kokayi and his guest, Ronald Whitmont MD, Past President of the American Institute for Homeopathy,  discuss homeopathy as a distinct medical system,  how its differs from herbal medicine,  and its unique history here in the United States.  The use of homeopathy with COVID 19 is also discussed with references to resources for the public.

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Episode 4 – 8/12/2020


Dr Kokayi discusses this novel approach to balancing the human being within their bioenergetics environment..  The brain child of Ibrahim Karim an architect from Eygpt,  Dr Kokayi discusses this approach to physics and understanding the mind/body with his daughter and senior practitioner,  Dorea Karim. Qualitative expressions of  energy through the use of geometric shapes is discussed as well as looking at some applications. Ie. Countering effects of Wifi and hepatitis C to name just a couple of areas. Touching upon Biosignatures….

Episode 5 – 8/17/2020

Pranic Healing

Dr Kokayi shares his experiences with this healing system and how its impacted his health directly.   His Guest, Jeffrey Noble, a long time friend and colleague and former world champion martial artist, shares his mastery of this art and how it can be used.  Some actual cases are discussed.  Dr Kokayi establishes how cultivation of hands off energy practices can make a difference at the biochemical and anatomic level.

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GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid



Episode 6 – 9/1/2020

Consciousness Transforms!

Discussion of meditation as a tool for Self Liberation.  Consciousness discussed as something to be engaged looking at its role in Traditional African Spiritual Systems.  Its looked at in terms of “our” relationship to it.  Perception and Awareness discussed in the context of Consciousness.   Meditation framed as a way to step out of the space suit of the body and experience Consciousness itself.  Understanding that Conscious has other sensory arrays beside the five senses.

The Healing Heath Tip: Consciousness Transforms!

A Stroke of Insight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyyjU8fzEYU
The Answer is You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEkE77itolM&t=91s

Episode 7 – 9/8/2020

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr Kokayi discusses his long time involvement with Chinese medicine and how he has watched it evolve here in the West. His guest Dr Sarah Li Ph.d,  co founder of the Wei Lab company discusses how she got involved with Chinese medicine and how the formulations are developed.  Some formulas have taken up to ten years to develop.  The relationship of Chinese medical theory is discussed in the context of Western pathology.  Some unique preparations are highlighted as  it relates to COPD and chronic kidney disease.

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Free and Easy Wanderer (xiao yao wan)



Episode 8 – 9/15/2020

Healing Journey with Dr Woodbine – Tai Chi and Qi Qong

Dr Kokayi introduces Dr Woodbine who shares his unique journey from working as a young man under his father’s and family’s healing work in the their community,  to becoming a naturopathic doctor, to someone who just spent the good part of  three years in a “monastery” type environment in Northern California where he studied Tai Chi and Qong. Dr Woodbine now back in NY shares all of the different disciplines that he can now teach online.

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More Dr Woodbine below:



Episode 9 – 9/22/2020

Public Health and COVID-19

Dr Kokayi takes a lotok at the present state of COvid 19 and the direction that the US is moving.  Joining him a Public Health expert on epidemics and pandemics in the last twenty years is Dr Paul Herscu.  Dr Herscu is also a world reknown homeopath looks at our present efforts and  the impact on the population relative to how things have been handled.    The role that nutrients can play in assisting individuals with minimizing their chance of getting seriously ill, is discussed and why we do not hear public health advocates speaking about this.

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Homeopathic Combination Remedies



Episode 10 – 9/29/2020

Past Life Regression

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Consciousness Transforms! (See our meditation membership)

Ian Stevenson’s Case for the Afterlife: Are We ‘Skeptics’ Really Just Cynics?


Episode 11 – 10/6/2020

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Audio coming soon

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Dr Kokayi and Walter Blick being Interviewed

Source material on cranial sacral therapy

Episode 12 – 10/13/2020

Consciousness Transformation

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Mitochondrial ATP supplement

Protect and Maximize the Functioning of your cellular Mitochondria

Episode 13 – 10/20/2020

Stem Cell Therapy

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Dr John Wong
Moraga Biotech

Dr Kokayi Presentation on Stem Cells https://youtu.be/HWtFZQyLhtA

Episode 14 – 10/30/2020

COVID Protection

Episode 15 – 12/07/2020

Clarifying Racism

Dr Kokayi reflects on racism, an undying issue here in United States; affecting outcomes with COVID 19 and the whole voting process.  It is also one of the greatest health challenges for people of color, as it affects every aspect of their lives. His guest Leidene King works to help people of color and white Americans overcome this challenge.  Her unique background as a racially ambiguous black woman, given her Asian mother and African American father,  forced  her to deal with the question of her racial identity early on…and repeatedly.  Dr Kokayi and Ms King discuss some of the nuances and challenges of rolling back racism particularly as it relates to addressing white Americans. All of us must move beyond using race as a filter to judge the character and merit of an individual.
Healing Health Assist Documents:
Guest Leidene King
Eyes On Whiteness
A Good Grief Eyes 

Episode 16 – 12/01/2020

Environmental Health & Toxicity

David Carpenter MD is a giant in the field of environmental health with over 450 articles in peer review journals, six books and author of fifty book chapters and reviews.  The interview revolves around fetal exposure to environmental chemicals,  diabesity, gender traits, and difficulties inherent in removing these chemicals from fat where many of them are stored.  Dr Kokayi and Dr Carpenter express their concern for the human species both with respect to chemical exposures and 5G EMF.

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Episode 17 – 12/14/2020

Boneheads and Brainiacs

Dr Dolan provides background on the Nobel Prize, its founder, Albert Nobel, an inventor and arms dealer, and within this history of medicine and science, highlighted in her latest book Boneheads and Brainiacs: Heroes and Scoundrels of the Noble Prize, provides a pertinent perspective with respect to our present health crisis.  As a Senior Physician with one foot on “the lilly pad” of conventional medicine and another foot on the “lily pad ”  of complementary and alternative medicine, Dr Dolan highlights the need for consumers of health care to stand up for themselves.  Dr Dolan also shares her concern about vaccines and in particular what is being proposed for COVID 19.

The guest is Moira Dolan MD

Episode 18 – 12/22/2020

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

With guest Ed Betts.

Dr Kokayi explores a much underutilized therapy with Edward Betts, an internationally known figure in this industry. Mr Betts is an engineer who has designed and installed chambers around the country. HBOT has shown merit in the treatment of various cancers, stroke; acute, and chronic, chronic inflammation,  as well as being viricidal and bactericidal. Mr Betts will explain why it works for so many things and both Dr Kokayi and Mr Betts highlight some cases that they have collaborated on.

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Additional resources:

Episode 19 – 12/29/2020

Meditation: An Underused Therapy

Guest: Dr Kofi Kondwani Ph D

Dr Kokayi and Dr Kondwani speak about meditation and Dr Kondwani, who has conducted meditation research and clinical programs for government and universities, discusses his unique background with a PhD in meditation. This was highlighted within the context of the different gifts that different cultures of the world have to offer. Dr Kondwani was inspired by ancient Egypt. This therapy was highlighted as Dr Kokayi is trying to assist in the efforts to break the spell of vaccination being the panacea for this virus and the future. To be followed up on next week.

Dr Kofi Kondwani


Some links to research of Dr Kondwani:

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Episode 20 – 01/05/2021

COVID 19: Truth Telling and Treatment Options

Dr Kokayi reviews the record of this country’s involvement with coronaviruses and the fascination with focusing on vaccines and the gain of function research that enhanced the pathogenicity of a chimeric version of this pandemic virus  in the lab. In the second part of the program, Dr Kokayi reviews the efforts to repurpose existing pharmaceuticals, focusing on two drugs in particular that are being put in play…Fluvoxamine and Ivermectin.

Additional resources:

Episode 21 – 01/12/2020

Awakening from COVID 19

In this segment Dr kokayi focuses on coronavirus more as a metaphysical construct and our reaction to it.  Viruses, which are a natural part of our body, are not the villains.  They want their host to live with there being ten times as many viruses in the healthy human body as there are human cells.  The Consciousness expressed through human beings can be harnessed to help viruses to mutate to a form that is sympatico to human functioning.  This is what has happened in previous epidemics; mutation.  Dr Kokayi explores the impact of the virus and looks at what it is going to take for human beings to survive and thrive; in terms of the elevation of Consciousness and a deeper understanding of what constitutes a human being.

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