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Thank you for your participation. Please find instructions listed below as well as a brief video on the breathing technique for the meditation.


  1. Create and memorize your Declarations. We will go over our group Declarations statements prior to each meditation, which will precede your own.

  2. Review and practice the breathing technique demonstrated in the video.

  3. Obtain a Grounding mat online at earthing.com or do your best to have your feet on the Ground when doing the meditation.

  4. Set your intention regarding the foods you will and will not consume during these 8 days. Your diet should more about sustenance than eating for taste.

  5. If you have not had the opportunity to pick up a rose quartz crystal from Dr. Kokayi’s office, please purchase one from a local crystal shop.


The meditation will begin very close to the times designated (7:00 AM and 8:00PM.)

Repeat your Declarative statements as much as you need.

Find a breath rhythm that is comfortable for you with an emphasis on full deep breaths.

A specific breathing count will not be specified, regarding your in and out breath.

**When you find yourself distracted, which will be inevitable at different points, use the

background meditation OHM sound coming through the conference line or your own breathing to realign yourself.

If you are not use to meditating you may find that five minutes has you exhausted mentally.

Do what you can and I assure you that with time you will be able to distance yourself from the thoughts, body sensations, and feelings that come up.

Remember, The gateway to reclaim your Essential State of Being lies in liberating your Consciousness from thinking! Consciousness becomes your awareness with time and practice.

Please email questions, concerns etc to Dr.Kokayi at profilesinglobalhealing@gmail.com.

The email will be checked twice a day.

Declarative Statements

I am a unique emanation of the Presence that is Never in Absence

Love is the core of my existence and is the fundamental language of the Universe

With each breath my heart reveals more of my true nature.

The Consciousness that expresses itself through me is unique and limitless.

Love is the source of my power and infuses my heart and mind.

“Nothing can come to you: nothing can be added to you. You are already that place in Consciousness through which Infinity is pouring. That which we term our human-hood must be still so as to be a clear transparency through which your infinite individual Self appear, express or reveal itself”

– Joel S Goldsmith THE INFINITE WAY