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About the Doctor: Kamau Kokayi, MD

Each of us is a complex network of systems made up of many interdependent parts. If a single component is not functioning properly it impacts the network and eventually the whole system. Many Illnesses and conditions are triggered by these physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances. We also suffer from exposure to many environmental factors that can seriously impact our health.

Dr. Kamau Kokayi views disease as a manifestation of disruptions that are taking place in the body’s processes, especially its tendency toward self healing. Healing Health Services emphasizes preventative measures and health restoration rather than disease treatment. And, rather than treat a single symptom, Dr. Kamau Kokayi looks at the full range of interdependent parts that make up the whole system, and how well they are working together.

Caring, trustworthy and highly trained as an M.D. and a homeopathic doctor, Dr. Kokayi believes in building a collaborative relationship with you, the patient. His goal is to work toward patients becoming their own health advocates. Dr. Kokayi wants you to be fully informed about your own health picture, and educated about the full range of options that are available. At the same time, he is a trusted physician with a deep background in modern day medicine, and will recommend the most effective, and the least invasive treatment.

As the founder of Healing Health Services, homeopathic doctor Dr. Kamau Kokayi is a unique practitioner that combines the most up-to-date medical knowledge with homeopathy to provide you with the ultimate medical care. Dr. Kokayi received his Medical Doctorate from Yale School of Medicine, and completed his residency with board certification in Family Medicine. He has gone on to become certified in acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and applied kinesiology. He also has done extensive post graduate homeopathic training in the U.S. and Europe, and practices bioenergetic healing as well.

With over 30 years of experience practicing integrative medicine, Dr. Kokayi’s in-depth knowledge and training in various approaches gives him a multilayered lens with which to view and evaluate treatment options. Whether you suffer from a serious ailment or a common condition, there are alternative methods that can be employed. Dr Kokayi insists that clients suffering with cancer also be under the care of an oncologist. He will work with you within the parameters that you and your treating physicians are comfortable with. Patients have been restored through nutrition counseling, detoxification, chelation, intravenous therapy, regenerative cellular therapy, bioenergetic healing, acupuncture and more.

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is a holistic doctor and a highly trained acupuncturist that goes beyond the treatment of symptoms to uncover systemic root causes of illness, which he treats using the most natural methods possible. He is committed to preventative medicine and assisting patients with setting and achieving the only truly important long-term goal–excellent health.

As a caring, trustworthy and knowledgeable Homeopathic doctor, Dr. Kamau Kokayi also holds a full medical degree, and combines the best of science with the wisdom of natural and homeopathic medicine. Take that first step on the road to complete healing by calling Healing Health Services today.

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Your first visit to Healing Health Services will be different from that of a traditional medical doctor. A visit to a standard M.D. usually requires that you give a brief description of the symptoms and answer a few questions about your health history and what led up to the visit. Then you receive a prescription for a manufactured, man made drug. End of story.

At Healing Health Services we work differently. Our case taking interviews are extensive, and with good reason. What would be the point of prescribing a drug to deal with your symptoms, while ignoring lifestyle choices or issues that are the root cause of the symptoms? The disease will persist, and the symptoms will reappear.

Our exams include the typical allopathic exam but we also rely on Chinese pulse taking and tongue analysis along with elements of applied kinesiology. While your initial interviews will take time, all of the information you provide will be used to create a complete Healing Health Profile and treatment plan.

As a homeopathic practitioner, herbalist and physician, who appreciates the role that food plays in health and disease, Dr. Kokayi views complaints not as separate,, who appreciates the role that food plays in health and disease, Dr. Kokayi views complaints not as separate, isolated issues, but as part of a larger story caused by imbalances in the body. “Case taking,” at Healing Health Services covers a wide range of topics, from pains and problems, to detailed descriptions of your lifestyle, habits, and mindset. Do not be surprised if your first visit includes a discussion about:

  • Thirst and appetite, the type of food you normally eat, food cravings and aversions, and foods that disagree with you.
  • Sleep patterns, repetitive dreams, and the position you sleep in.
  • Your reactions to environmental factors, such as animals, music, social interactions – do you enjoy or avoid them?

When it comes to the interdependent systems that make up our overall health profile, no piece of information is too small to be relevant. Call Dr. Kamau Kokayi at Healing Health Services for an appointment today and take that first step on the road to complete healing and health.