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What is nutrition counseling?

Nutrition counseling is based in science. Eating healthy and its relationship to health is well understood by most of us. Despite that fact, modern life challenges us, and makes it hard for many of us to achieve good health through nutrition and the foods we eat. Nutrition therapist Dr. Kamau Kokayi is here to help.

At times, the human body has trouble obtaining and absorbing nutrients through natural digestive functions. Stress, illness, allergies, or an intolerance to specific foods can inhibit the delivery of nutrients to parts of the body. Substances such as calcium, zinc, selenium, and all of the B vitamins are especially critical to maintain optimum health but can be hard to obtain through diet, without the guidance of a dietitian like Dr. Kokayi.

Many common health problems are rooted in issues taking place at a cellular level and can be linked to poor nutrition. Private nutrition counseling is a great way to begin making the choices that will lead to a longer life and better health. Also, the presence of toxins in our industrialized world can be hard for our bodies to process. Holistic nutrition counseling is an important way to right those chemical imbalances and detoxify.

What does nutrition counseling treat?

While we may want to ignore it, the fact is proper nutrition is one of the most critical factors influencing our health. Processed and pre-packaged foods fit with our modern lifestyle of always being on the go. However, we all understand that these types of foods do little to promote our health.

Proper nutrition leads to health in so many ways. While it is impossible to list every illness or condition that can be treated with proper diet, here are just a few to consider:

Digestive disorders, skin disorders, diabetes, heart issues, allergies, circulatory problems, and autoimmune disorders are just a few of the diseases we can treat with proper nutrition counseling. Obesity, being overweight, is now recognized by the medical community as a disease. And, as it happens, it is a disease that can lead to many other illnesses and conditions. This is an important root cause of a lot of illness that Healing Health Services can treat with a Healing Nutrition weight loss plan.

How Does Dr. Kokayi use nutrition counseling?

Holistic nutrition counseling at Healing Health Services is one of the mainstays of our practice. Your first visit with nutritionist Dr.K. is a complete and thorough interview and counseling session that will explore your life, history, and diet, in detail. It is important to note that Dr. Kokayi is an kind, and non-judgemental practitioner who will work to understand why you eat the way that you do. In some cases, your diet include foods that are considered “healthy,” but due to your genetics, or condition, they are not good for you and might be factoring into your illness.

Dr. Kokayi believes in the importance of looking also at imbalances in the chemical structure within your body, and why it might be causing cravings for certain kinds of foods over others. He will also help you look at other factors, such as your emotional or mental states and how they relate to your eating habits. Dr. Kokayi will also discuss with you details about your environment, at home and at work, where you spend most of your time, to discover if there are triggers there. Together, you will work on a plan to identify and then alleviate your symptoms, and make changes to your eating habits that will lead to better health.

You may be asked to use a food recall journal, be weighed, and present other relevant data, such as any chronic diseases, medications or lifestyle choices (exercise, overworking, etc.)

Even if you take in enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, your body may not be absorbing them properly, another important reason to check in with a qualified nutritionist like Dr. K.

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Today, our fast-paced lives do not promote healthy eating and proper nutrition, which is having a very negative impact on our health. Make an appointment to see nutritionist Dr. Kamau Kokayi today, and find renewed energy and health at Healing Health Services.

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