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Greetings Future Client,

Most people come to this practice by word of mouth, and we know that many of you form your first impressions from what you see online. Much of the development of Dr. Kokayi’s practice style is highlighted in these essays on the blog on this website.

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As for what this multidimensional approach means for you on the first visit is that we let your case lead us where it may…from your cells to the recesses of your mind and spirit. What that means is that behind most complaints are a complex of causative factors that reflect genetics, upbringing, events from the recent and distant past, chronic disease patterns, toxic nutritional patterns, emotional characteristics and responses to everyday stresses, and most importantly your belief system.

We need to understand you within the life that you have created. Functional imbalances and disease states don’t just happen by chance. There is more to medicine and healing than receiving a diagnosis and being maintained on a set of prescription drugs. We will do our best to figure out what diagnostic and therapeutic system can best be used to sort out your problem and optimize your health. Our four pole model of bio-mechanism, biochemistry, bio-energetics and spirit/ consciousness has proven to be a useful framework to appreciate the patterns of imbalance disease states that people experience. Under Services, you can get an idea of the types of modalities that we do employ. When you come to the

Under Services, you can get an idea of the types of modalities that we do employ. When you come to the office, bring whatever records you have, but what we are most interested in hearing about is your own description of your problem and how it’s affecting your life. And to better appreciate your story, we want to know about whatever you are comfortable in sharing about yourself. If you feel there is someone that really knows you well, bring them so they can help us develop as accurate a picture of you as possible. We will take the time to listen. The thing to keep in mind is that our listening is not confined to an allopathic medical framework. We take the kind of history and do the kind of exam that utilizes homeopathy, Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, structural assessments (cranial and body), and other mind-body disciplines. The cause and possible solutions to your issues will be explored on multiple levels. You do not need to impress us with your medical terminology….just share your story, and what you know about your condition. Our expanded assessments and a look at whatever information you want to share in your consultation will help us to help you; but you are the focus, not someone else’s written diagnostic interpretation. Moreover, in most cases, we need to reframe your imbalance in a way that empowers you to overcome it. You are not whatever pathological process has taken hold of your body.

When you schedule an appointment, ask our office to email you or fax the requisite forms to fill out so you can work on them…and even get them back to us before you come in. If you choose to do this please note that you will still need to actually verbally express what is going on with you despite having completed the writing process. Look at these forms as a chance to really focus on yourself and get in touch with areas of your mind/body life that are challenging.

Kamau Kokayi, MD