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In signing up for the meditation membership you are certifying that you do not have Schizophrenia or Psychosis. If you have any medical condition that you feel may be adversely affected by meditation please consult your health care practitioner before enrolling in this program.


Consciousness Transformation

The main focus is to support the individual to embrace the Consciousness identity that actually constitutes our Being. We want to tap into the I Am that I Am vibration. There are an infinite number of ways and paths to get back to this reality and there are many subthemes that make up this larger expansive Consciousness. All of this work is about realigning ourselves with the Absolute Consciousness/the Infinite Peace within us so that we become anchored in a Consciousness that is infinite in every aspect.

Consciousness Transformation Intensives (CTi)

The CTi will involve ten dates a month, generally within a nine day period, where we will focus on deepening our connection with our Higher Self. The more we strengthen our connection to our Higher Self the more our Consciousness expands, and with an increased awareness, problems and things that troubled us previously begin to dissolve and give way to opportunities and experiences that are more resonant with the higher vibration that we are carrying.

If you can not make the live Intensives, the recordings will be available until the next series, the following month. After a year we would have had twelve intensives and gone through about twelve written works focused on the upliftment of Consciousness! That’s exciting.

Consciousness Transformation sessions (CTs)

These are tune up sessions twice a week to help us stay in the zone of expanded Consciousness,, releasing negative energies from our field, so that we can stay close to our essential state of Being.

In terms of the sequence of things the Tiered image can go here. I am going to send you that imag right after I send this email. If there is away to make that clickable for them to pay. That would be great!

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