Healing Health Services

Virtual Meditation

We offer virtual meditation available online through our online platforms. Dr Kokayi’s understanding of the placebo effect is that it’s evidence of the ability of the human being to heal though harnessing the power of Consciousness. The impetus behind Dr Kokayi’s moving his practice to embrace Consciousnes and its non physical attributes is the understanding that unless human beings learn to live from a place of Conscious engagement with their Divine spiritual natures then humanity will continue to prey upon itself and further move out of grace with Nature.

The meditation sessions are spiritual journeys led by Dr Kokayi with the goal of helping participants embody more of the Consciousness that is their actual Life. Dr Kokayi uses a variety of methods with participants to help make Consciousness the focus of their awareness, including earthing, sound, Declarative statements, and pranayama.

The result is a unique style that reflects Dr Kokayi’s training in a traditional African Priesthood, the Ausar Auset Society, and his involvement in other West African traditions, bio energetic healing systems and study of Quantum Physics.