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We provide the following holistic medicine services:

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is a holistic doctor that has been practicing traditional medicine for over 30 years. He became interested in Chinese and homeopathic medicine while studying at Yale Medical School, and later when he learned more about various forms of holistic medicine. Over time he studied further, becoming a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of applied kinesiology.

Healing Health Services has re-defined what health means for its patients. After making your first visit to the practice, you will begin to understand that health is far more than the absence of disease. True health is about living mentally, emotionally and physically in harmony with the people and the world around you. You deserve to live your life free, at peace, and with true purpose.

Dr. Kokayi’s philosophy of Integrative medicine combines medical science and the body’s innate ability to heal itself using natural methods and substances. Because of Dr. Kokayi’s tireless study of alternative forms of medicine, Healing Health Services is able to offer the expertise of this holistic doctor in acupuncture, nutrition, herbal remedies and other natural forms of treatment, along with more conventional practices.

As a physician with extensive training in homeopathy, currently President of the NYS Homeopathic medical society, Dr Kokayi also has the unique distinction of sitting on the NYS acupuncture board and combines his love of these disciplines with a large therapeutic tool kit designed to help keep you healthy, happy and strong.

The mission of Healing Health Services is to create a collaborative, healing partnership between you and the medical practitioner, Dr. Kamau Kokayi. This practice offers a unique diagnostic and therapeutic model for people in the NY tri state area and Orange County, California and to those who choose to visit from out of the country.

Dr Kokayi offers his in depth experience as a holistic practitioner to clients from many walks of life seamlessly bringing the science and art of medicine in one experience.

Principles of Holistic Treatment

Holistic medicine is based on the belief that unconditional support and acceptance is the first and most powerful aspect of healing. Dr. Kokayi is a caring physician, who listens to your “health story,” and the way your body is expressing itself through symptoms. Prevention is always more preferable to treatment, and Dr. K. remains focused on finding the most effective way to allow the body to heal itself, as it was created to.

Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own health, however, genetics, environment, and other external or mental factors can play a part. At Healing Health Services we are committed to assessing your health profile holistically so that we can focus on the long-term goal of helping you live a long, productive life.

Safe and effective are two important measures we use when assessing treatment options. Dr. Kokayi searches for the underlying causes of illness but also works to uncover the kind of patient you are and what methods will suit you best.

Holistic medicine requires that a strong and trusted relationship be formed between doctor and patient, another area where Dr. Kokayi excels. He is caring, intuitive and deeply knowledgeable about many holistic practices. His only goal is to help you achieve your desire for long-term health and wellness.

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Optimal health is far more than the absence of illness. Holistic practitioners understand the importance of the healing powers of hope, joy, humor and love. When we spend our time and energy on hostility, anger, grief or fear, we can do incredible damage to our bodies. That is why you will find Healing Health Services a calm, welcoming and healing space.

This practice is where patients learn to open up and create a positive flow between all of the systems that impact their health, including their physical organs and systems, their home and work environments, and their mental, emotional, spiritual, and social states.

Today, the human experience is more challenging than ever and there are too many factors working against our most prized possession-our health. Make an appointment to see Dr. Kamau Kokayi today, and find renewed energy and health at Healing Health Services.

Optimal wellness and learning what it means to be your best possible Self.

Call Dr. Kamau Kokayi at (718) 622-2042 and visit Healing Health Services for an appointment today and make that first important step on the road to a healthier you.