Healing Health Services

Meet Kamau Kokayi, MD
Integrative Medicine Doctor

Kamau Kokayi, MD practices out of his two locations in:

  • Brooklyn, NY, Prospect Heights, (one block from Grand Army Plaza subway station)
  • Los Angeles, CA, near the Grove Mall

Dr. Kokayi received his Medical Doctorate from Yale School of Medicine, and completed his residency with board certification in Family Medicine. He went on to be certified in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and applied kinesiology, and has extensive post graduate homeopathic training in US and Europe.

With over 30 years experience integrating allopathic medical science with bioenergetic therapies and traditional healing systems, Dr. Kokayi’s broad knowledge base and depth of understanding provide him with a multilayered lens to evaluate and treat patients suffering in body, mind, and spirit. His toolbox includes clinical nutrition, detoxification, chelation, intravenous vitamin therapy, HCG weight loss therapy, craniosacral therapy, phytotherapy, chiropractic manipulation, regenerative cellular therapy, and bioenergetic healing, among other modalities, for successful management and treatment of a wide variety of conditions encountered in daily medical practice.

Holistic Healing Services is a multidisciplinary practice offering a variety of services for those in need of assistance, that includes the benefits of conventional medical training and the advantages of holistic therapy traditions from around the world. Dr. Kokayi has trained in a number of disciplines including Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and applied kinesiology, and utilizes his skills to provide you with a unique health care experience, tailored to understanding your needs and how best to help you. He has gifted practitioners working with him; some of who work with him in his office, and some near his respective practice areas.

We encourage you to look through our website to get a clearer idea of the philosophy and scope of this practice. We look forward to serving you.