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What Is Homeopathy and How Does It Work?

Homeopathy is a type of medical practice that treat disease naturally, through the administration of minute doses of a remedy that in larger amounts, would produce in healthy persons symptoms similar to those of the disease. This concept is not unlike the exposure of people to small levels of an allergen to help them build up their immunity. However, with homeopathic medicine, you are exposed to a much, much smaller dose. These treatments are intended to work on a biological level.

How Is Homeopathy Used to Treat Patients?

Homeopathy is the use of remedies that use substances or compounds from plants and vegetables, fungi, minerals, micro organisms, or compounds that are animal based. A treatment is considered homeopathic if it followed these general rules:

#1: It involves all natural, plant-based remedies applied topically, or that can be taken orally. Treatments are made from compounds that trigger symptoms in a healthy organism that are diluted. This is sometimes referred to as “like treats like.”

#2: Treatments involve incredibly small doses. Homeopathic remedies are not “potent,” but have an active aspect of the compound present in the dilution. This triggers biological reactions that strengthen your immunity, or that can elicit a healing response.

#3: Working toward cure. As the patient is drawn closer to health, there emerges an identifiable pattern of healing. The healing is experienced from head to toe, then from major to minor organs. Then the healing presents itself from the inner body to the outer self, and there is a reversal of symptoms. This is always the long-term goal.

All natural does not mean it is not powerful and in fact, in most cases homeopathic remedies are so strong that you need to seek the expertise of a highly qualified practitioner such as Dr. Kokayi.

One example of a homeopathic treatment would be when a homeopathic doctor, like Dr. Kokayi, prescribes a natural plant-based, or herbal medicine, such as Arnica (mountain daisy) to treat a muscle injury or bruising. The active ingredients in dilutions of arnica would reduce the swelling and minimize the pain. Arnica is known to relieve inflammation and hit has some antibiotic properties.

What Problems Can You Treat with Homeopathy?

Your condition falls into one of two categories, acute or chronic. In acute conditions, a temporary illness or disease creates discomfort and/or symptoms. Chronic conditions are long-term illnesses such as arthritis and or lupus, that are consistently in the background, limiting your ability to enjoy life.

Some homeopathic remedies are short term, don’t last long, and are best used if you are suffering from an acute condition. Chronic diseases are best dealt with by using homeopathic medicine that stimulates your body’s innate repair mechanism. These treatments are deep-working and safe to take consistently for long periods of time. They can ease the symptoms of a chronic condition, and over time, will help eliminate it.

At times, it may take several remedies, used in succession, to heal chronic conditions.
Patience is key, because there may be multiple root causes. The art of homeopathy is that layer by layer, all of the influencing factors, including diseases in the body but also personality factors such as lifestyle, diet or stress management can all be addressed. Eventually, your body will be healed, and your spirit and mental and emotional life will be renewed.

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While homeopathic medicine is derived from all natural ingredients and compounds, it is still extremely important that remedies are prescribed by a highly trained homeopathy doctor, like Dr. Kamau Kokayi.

These remedies are quite powerful and must be taken in the smallest does needed to be effective. Also, your formula must be unique to you, based on many multi-layered factors including your diet, your exercise regime, your lifestyle choices, your personality, and more. This information is taken in during a comprehensive intake interview and will ensure the effectiveness of your treatment.

Dr. Kamau is a trustworthy and caring physician who will always take your overall Healing Health Profile into account before setting out any treatment plan. Call (718) 622-2042 today and make an appointment at Healing Health Services with Dr. Kamau Kokayi, and take that first step toward total health.

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