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How Does Dr. Kokayi Use Homeopathy?

Dr. Kokayi has spent over three decades deepening his knowledge of homeopathic medicine. His interest and faith as a homeopathic doctor in homeopathy has only grown in that time, as research and results have shown homeopathy to be viable, and in fact a very effective form of treatment. As a licensed medical practitioner, and a graduate of the Yale School of medicine, Dr. Kokayi is the best homeopathic doctor to help tailor you new a new holistic health profile.

As a holistic doctor, Dr. Kokayi uses homeopathic remedies in several ways. First, he practices what he calls “helpful homeopathy,” all natural first aid remedies that can foster healing for conditions that may not necessarily require an expensive, synthetic prescription medication. The doctor also practices clinical homeopathy, which means we are using more than one remedy to address a condition. In some instances, it is possible that a first aid version of an alternative medicine can heal a condition by working in a ripple effect, that goes more deeply into the system and heals a larger, more general problem.

Dr. Kokayi uses homeopathy clinically and constitutionally, especially if there is a “chronic” condition being managed rather than cured. Many patients with chronic, long-running illnesses resign themselves to the fact that their illness will be with them forever, and all they can do is manage the symptoms. Holistic health, in part, has to do with adjusting and modulating symptom expression, but with the goal of getting to a place where you can pinpoint a core belief or dysfunction that is getting in the way of complete healing.

At Healing Health Services Dr. Kokayi works with patients to renew their faith that there can be long-term relief and in many cases, a cure. He does this by bringing his in-depth knowledge of holistic medicine to bear on your problems. At Healing Health Services, patients like you become collaborative partners, working with the doctor on creating an effective holistic health profile and treatment plan.

For many patients, this is a change in thinking, as it puts the healing partially in your control as you work with Dr. Kokayi holistically on factors like diet and nutrition, your mental equilibrium and thought processes, and emotional balance, all of which have an incredible impact on your physical health. In some cases, conditions can be pinpointed to a core belief or dysfunction that when treated, lead to complete healing.

The path to finding an ideal treatment is not always a quick fix. This is because quick fixes in many cases deal with only symptoms, not root causes.

A Deeper Understanding of Homeopathic Care

At Healing Health Services your journey will not start with an analysis of your X-rays, or blood work, or a list of complaints. Dr. Kokayi will begin by finding out who you are as a person, your life journey and how they led you to where you are in terms of your health. There are so many non-physical factors that contribute to physical illness. It is not logical to ignore how those factors are impacting your health and wellness.

Today, patients are taking synthetic drugs which may help with a complaint, but are triggering other issues and you are starting to realize that the problem that you had was actually connected to other issues that the drug does not address. An antihistamine might treat some of the symptoms of an allergy, for example, but let’s say its causing problems in your digestive tract. Perhaps the doctor then prescribes another drug. Before long you begin to wonder if either of these “treatments” is helping the core problem.

Schedule a Homeopathic Consultation with Dr. Kamau Kokayi

If you feel ready to gain a true understanding of what’s going on with your health, Healing Health Services is worth visiting for a consultation. As a medical practitioner, and a holistic doctor, Dr.Kokayi does not believe in simply substituting an herb for a drug. His goal is to use all of his deep expertise in holistic medicine, and his decades of experience as a clinician to develop a treatment plan that will lead to real change in your life. The kind of change that leads to a deep sense of well being and a long and healthy life.

For more information about Healing Health Services, or to make an appointment with Dr. Kamau Kokayi, call (718) 622-2042. Make this the first step on your journey to true health and wellness.

Kamau Kokayi, M.D. is a homeopathic doctor and autoimmune specialist who treats patients with autoimmune disorders.

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