Dr. Kamau Kokayi

Holistic Healing

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is one of the most experienced holistic medicine practitioners in the city. Long before holistic medicine gained the popularity it has today, he was earning his medical degree at the Yale School of Medicine, but also studying all forms of holistic medicine.

Many alternative medicine doctors have extensive knowledge of eastern, Asian and middle eastern, practices. As a holistic medicine practitioner, Dr. Kokayi has studied, at a Masters level, Chinese herbal medicine, natural medicine, acupuncture, bio energetic healing and all forms of holistic healing.

Licensed Physician

As a licensed physician, who also works as a holistic medical doctor, one of Dr. Kokayi’s core beliefs is that your health is impacted by many, many factors and not all of them are physical, or within the body. Western medicine would lead you to believe otherwise. There are a physical cause and symptoms that should be diagnosed and treated with man-made medicines. However, what if there are external or mental factors at play and they are not addressed? Before long you are right back where you started, not feeling well and suffering from the same or a similar condition.

In alternative medicine, there is a much wider range of therapies available, and the homeopathic doctor and the practitioner take many factors into account. By assessing your mental condition, emotional state, environmental surroundings, and diet, among other things, Dr. Kokayi will make a more fully informed diagnosis. Only then can he develop, with your cooperation and buy-in, an effective treatment plan.

Holistic Medicine and Homeopathic Treatments

Safe, natural remedies work alongside traditional medicine at Healing Health. Dr. Kokayi is a medical doctor who draws from both traditions. From acupuncture to holistic medicine he consistently works to understand what emotions might be at play, any distressing problems you may have, or your diet and how of these might relate to how your system is functioning.

His unique lens can make a huge difference in clinical outcomes because he sees every factor of your life playing a part in your overall health. Western medical thinking simply doesn’t do that to the depth required.

As a physician, Dr. Kokayi uses holistic medicine to help you maximize your body’s ability to function as a well-integrated whole. Here, you will learn more about your body’s ability to heal itself. According to Dr. Kokayi, we are all born with a purpose and gifts we can use to fulfill that purpose. When we can’t follow through on that, it produces anxiety, illness, poor relationships and more. Dr. K. is here to help you increase your understanding of your own realities in life. Your temperament, mental condition, social functioning, and now they can affect your health. Then, he works with you to treat illness or disease if it exists by addressing these core issues, as well as the symptoms they cause.

Discovering the Root of Your Symptoms

The first question he may ask is whether your problems began in the physical realm or in a non-physical way. Have you experienced something that went wrong, a disappointment, a troubled relationship? Any aspect of your mental and emotional health should be considered, as it influences our physical health, and must be addressed. As a holistic practitioner, Dr. Kokayi does not treat only at the level of pathology, he goes deeper. That’s the only way to establish true wellness.

As people get older, they may begin to realize they’re taking many different things, many that have potential side effects. So, there are additional medications to balance the effects. At some point, you may want to look at something different than that endless cycle that leads to more and more drugs. With a holistic paradigm, there’s no magic bullet. It takes time, and some patient motivation and commitment. Just give me the herbs and I don’t have to take the insulin or change what I eat. It simply doesn’t work that way. However, if you are ready to get better an begin living life at its fullest, consider Healing Health Services.

A practicing physician for over 30 years, Dr. Kokayi is also certified in Chinese herbal medicine, are an experienced acupuncturist and a pioneer in the field of bioenergetic healing. There are many other treatment options available today that have been developed for centuries but remain outside of most traditional doctor’s methods. Still, they have been shown to have tremendous, long-lasting healing power. Isn’t worth your time to explore whether these practices might actually work to produce full healing? We think so.