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What Does a Holistic Doctor Do?

As a holistic doctor, Dr. Kamau Kokayi, founding physician of Healing Health Services, wants you to know there is far more to medicine than you can imagine. In the U.S. we have limited ourselves to a very narrow view of what medicine is. A medical doctor will discuss with you your symptoms, any recent events that might have caused the condition, and most likely will prescribe a man-made synthetic medicine. A general practitioner might encourage you to exercise, eat better, see a specialist, but it pretty much ends there. They must focus on seeing as many patients as possible, and spend as little time with them as possible. Healing Health Services does not operate in this fashion.

Dr. Kokayi is a homeopathic doctor, and a fully licensed medical practitioner, that will work with you for long stretches of time, exploring who you are, what you think, how you feel, and anything that may have happened in the present or past the that may have caused emotional distress or physical discomfort. Dr. Kokayi believes that issues we ignore, that are allowed to fester, are one of the main reasons we fall ill in the first place.

If these root issues aren’t addressed, the illness or condition will not stay away for long. However, holistic doctors do address all of these factors. The holistic approach goes well beyond a superficial diagnosis of physical symptoms and looks at your total health profile.

When holistic medicine is applied to a condition, there is a full scope of all natural methods and centuries of study that are brought to bear on your problems. While these methods can be used alongside conventional medicine, and often are, in many cases, Dr. Kokayi finds that holistic treatment is all that it takes to fully heal his patients.

Traditional Medicine with Homeopathic Methods

Homeopathy when applied by a licensed medical doctor with years of additional training in homeopathic methods, can broaden your treatment options and put you more in control of your own journey of healing. However, this journey toward optimizing health should not should not be taken lightly, or without the advice of a real physician. That’s why Dr. Kokayi is so unique.

Having studied traditional medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Kokayi is licensed as an allopathic physician in New York and Florida. At the same time, he has spent the last three decades adding to that knowledge, many alternative therapies and systems of healing that go beyond the mechanical and biochemical understanding of human health and disease. He is currently the President of the NYS Homeopathic Medical Society and sits on the NYS Board for Acupuncture.

Healing Health Services is a homeopathic practice that offers a full complement of alternative healing modalities including homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal remedies, bioenergetic healing, applied kinesiology, bioenergetics scanning and meditation and mindfulness practices, all of which are understood to improve your quality of life, your sense of well being, and of course your physical health.

Treating the Issues that Lead to Illness

The efficacy of homeopathy is still a question mark in the minds of many, including other health professionals, despite hundreds of articles documenting positive outcomes with homeopathy. The mental, emotional, and physical presentation of illness can be treated with non pharmacologic methods and homeopaths do not shy away from selecting homeopathic remedies that address the mental emotional imbalances that characterize stress and illness such as anxiety, anger, and depression.

If you address these issues with therapy only, you stand the chance of being compartmentalized with your mental and emotional imbalances viewed as separate problems. That’s just not going to work. Dr. Kokayi has learned, over his 30+ years of practicing medicine, that when you look at a physical problem, it’s useful and necessary explore if it is part of a ripple effect that has started somewhere deeper in your core. If there is a weakened organ or system, it’s quite possible there the weakened energy is being caused by a core problem that can be physical, but, it might also be emotional/mental.

In our busy modern lives, it’s very challenging to find the safe space and quiet to become self-aware. We often face the same health challenges, over and over again and yet we don’t stop and take the time to analyze whether there are holistic approaches that might help determine an even deeper root cause. Our bodies keep speaking to us, but we don’t take the time to listen.

Listening is at the very core of Healing Health Services. As health is relational reality Dr Kokayi will explore with you the various dimensions of your reality to see where the problem lies.

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