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A Holistic View of Herbal Medicine

As an herbalist studying and practicing Traditional Chinese herbal medicine for over 30+ years, Dr. Kamau Kokayi uses his expertise in this field to think about illness or condition in a way that moves beyond the limited scope of conventional western medicine.

This holistic tradition gives Healing Health Services a way of looking at your symptoms through a different lens, especially as they relate to the deep root causes that are not always limited to the physical realm. Chinese medicine is an alternative approach to diagnosis and treatment that includes all-natural herbal remedies, along with acupuncture and other eastern practices.

As a medical physician, Dr. Kokayi is dedicated to healing through modern medicine, however, unlike some herbalists, he understands both prescribed synthetic medicines and herbal treatment, and the importance of choosing from the available therapies wisely. Patients of Dr. Kokayi can be confident that both western and eastern thought is carefully considered, and that the remedy will be all natural whenever possible.

Dr. Kokayi is a doctor that believes in working with you as a partner, collaborating on the holistic work of determining what aspects of your life impact your health, and the changes you and he can make to your treatment plan to move you toward optimum health.

One of the most important aspects of practicing herbalist medicine is that Chinese medicine has understood for centuries that our emotional and mental health is extremely important, as it influences our physical health. There are many homeopathic, herbal remedies that can help patients like you treat conditions such as anxiety, toxicity, depression, overeating just by using homeopathy, and in particular herbal remedies.

Health is when all of your systems are functioning at peak efficiency, and they are very interdependent. Someone who suffers from depression has chemical imbalances, but those chemical imbalances can be made more pronounced or can be diminished through alternative medicine, including diet and nutrition, acupuncture, physical fitness, and herbal remedies.

Dr. Kokayi has become fully certified in Chinese herbal medicine in the 1990’s and has been continuing his study in the field ever since. He has an in-depth knowledge of proven formulas and has done extensive research to create some of his own all-natural formulas. He is also a licensed acupuncturist, practicing acupuncture and cupping to complement herbal treatments.

Dr. Kamau Kokayi has spent decades doing comparative studies of eastern and western practices. His therapeutic objective is to go beyond curing maladjustments and focuses instead on helping you restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself. An integrative practitioner, he does this using the most natural methods possible.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbal Treatments

The use of traditional Chinese herbs has been developing for centuries longer than traditional medicine. The practice has given us thousands of medicinal substances—plants, minerals, and animal products, that have tremendous power to heal. In western thought, this huge body of knowledge tends to be ignored, despite the fact that herbal medicines have led to so many effective prescription drug treatments.

People are beginning to feel differently about going to traditional doctors. This day in age, patients have been led to believe that they will most certainly hear bad news. Why is that? Because deep down they probably know they have made choices in their lives that may be negatively affecting their health. Or, an overload of taking in information without guidance on the internet has convinced them that something is certainly wrong. How do we stop this?

Prescription medications that have side effects and only treat your symptoms are certainly not the answer. It’s time to get a different understanding of health and realize that your overall health is related to many things, some of which you can change, as long as you have support and all natural options.

Schedule an Acupuncture Session with Dr. Kamau Kokayi

By working with you to develop a Healing Health Profile, Dr. Kokayi can guide you as you modify what you put in your body, how you think about yourself and your health and the best methods for living well. Using herbal remedies whenever possible, his goal will be to put everything is in balance, your physical, emotional and mental health.

Call Healing Health Services today, and let Dr. Kokayi help you integrate all of your health-related systems so that they can work together as a whole, and give you a new lease on life. For an appointment call (718) 622-2042.