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Herbal Medicine

What is herbal medicine?

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is also a trained naturopathic doctor and herbalist. Herbalism is the use of botany and plant-based supplements to treat illness and disease.

During a appointment with a patient Dr. Kokayi discusses herbal medicine and specific herbal remedies for this patient
Herbal Medicine Brooklyn NY – Herbal Medicine in Brooklyn New York

Plants have been at the core of all medical science since the beginning of time, and herbal remedies do not receive the respect they deserve to treat many conditions. Herbalism is becoming more mainstream, however, as more clinical research is finding that it can effectively treat and prevent disease.

Dr. K. promotes herbal remedies to promote healing and deep detoxification. Our diets are a source of energy and nutrition, but too often they are full of toxins also. We eat overly processed foods as a response to stress, or we lack access to organic, whole foods. Also, global industrialization has meant the release of synthetic chemicals and metals into the environment and, as a result, our exposure to toxins has increased. Herbal medication is often used to treat many of the conditions that are a result of toxicity in the body.

How is herbal medicine used in the practice?

Herbal supplements are used to treat a variety of conditions and typically have far fewer side effects than conventional medicines. However, just because they are “safe,” that does not mean that you shouldn’t consult with a trained herbalist like Dr. Kokayi. Some herbal products are not appropriate or safe for people with specific medical concerns. They can trigger allergies or react with conventional medicines.

Much like the homeopathic treatments, Healing Health Services will begin by creating a Healing Health Profile, based on your in-depth interview with Dr. Kokayi. This will include a discussion about symptoms, family history, lifestyle, and any other physical, emotional, or mental factors that might play a role in your overall health.

Together, you will discuss a treatment plan. Should an herbal remedy seem like the appropriate response, then one will be prescribed.

Herbal remedies come in many forms. There are liquids made by boiling the bark, or roots or berries to make extracts with active ingredients. The liquid is strained and can be taken either hot or cold. Tinctures are made by soaking herb bark, roots or berries in water or alcohol to extract an active ingredient. These are typically applied to the skin.

Infusions made like tea, is when boiling water is poured over the herb and left to steep. This liquid is then taken as a hot drink or used as a topical medicine. Infused oils are treatments made with chopped herbs that are suspended in oil. Creams or ointments are remedies made from herbs mixed with oil or fat.

What does herbal medicine treat?

Some common herbal remedies that have gained acceptance include Ginko Bilboa, an effective treatment for circulatory disorders or conditions related to high blood pressure. Echinacea, another common remedy, improves the body’s natural immunity. It has been shown to decrease the odds of getting a cold or is used to shorten the duration of a cold or respiratory condition.

There is a long list of effective herbal treatments that can treat or prevent illness that you might not be as familiar with. There are herbal remedies that have been successful in treating kidney stones, ulcers, some forms of cancer, prostate problems, high cholesterol, dengue fever, gout, eczema, and headaches and toothaches.

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Herbal Medicine and Herbal Remedies – Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Kokayi

Other conditions known to respond to herbal supplements include insomnia, depression, and ADHD. There are as many herbal remedies as there are illnesses, but it is important that you put yourself in the hands of a very knowledgeable and experienced practitioner like Dr. K.

Dr. Kokayi discusses herbal medicine with a patient during a holistic medical consultation
Herbal Medicine in Brooklyn New York – Herbal Medicine Brooklyn NY

Learn More about Herbal Medicine and Dr. Kamau Kokayi

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is a graduate of the Yale School of Medicine who became interested in herbal medicine while training during his residency. He has since gone on to learn as much as possible about all forms of integrative medicine. His goal is to help patients like you find the most natural and effective treatments for your illness or better yet work to prevent disease and illness, so you can live the healthiest life possible.

Call Healing Health Services today (718) 622-2042 and have Dr. Kamau Kokayi put you on the road to complete health, as you discover renewed energy and strength.

Treating patients with herbal medicine relies on the combination of many medical disciplines, including Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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