Dr. Kamau Kokayi is a holistic physician at Healing Health Services. In this video, Dr. Kokayi describes what it is like for new patients during their visit and holistic diagnostic consultation.

Best Holistic Doctor in Brooklyn New York

Best Holistic Doctor in Brooklyn New York

Your First Appointment with a Holistic Doctor

The first appointment is designed for I guess you getting to know me a bit but you’re getting to know me is going to be through how I interface with you. In my interface with you the purpose is for you to actually see that I’m very interested in hearing your story, that you recognize I’m listening to you without judgment, that you recognize that I’m interested in things that you may not have considered telling a doctor before because I want to get to your core as much as you’ll allow me to. I really appreciate that.

After we’ve done that, that might take 45 minutes to an hour and clearly a lot of times I can’t get it all on the first visit. Then after that, my exam, I’ll do a directed physical. I’ll do some basic things, lungs, heart, throat, feeling lymph nodes but I do direct if it is an area that’s really a problem. Then I’m going to do more of a bioenergetic assessment.

I’m going to check your pulses. I will explain to you about the six pulses that represent different energetic systems in your body. I will use about two or three different kinesiologic system to check your body. I might use the neuro-emotional technique, applied Kinesiology in our integrated systems and just things that I have developed over time to give me an idea of how the parts of your body and spirit are working together and not working together.

Within that, I will ask you different things as you’re on the table. I’ll test out different ideas and I have to say I find a long weakness. I might want to know this is an emotional road, is it problems with breathing capacity, is there something that needs to– Is there allergy? Is the detox? I can bio energetically test all of that. Okay? I’ll share with you what I’m thinking. I’ll tell you if I think there’s some blood test or regular laboratory tests that I would like to do to help to quantify the type of problem that you have.

Then we can then follow and actually measure. I’ll share of you my assessment and why I’m thinking that you need this set of therapies and things that I do in my office and that I don’t do in my office. I’ll invite you to do bio-scan which is not a mandatory thing but it’s clearly something that I like to utilize in my practice. I might at that time institute some form of treatment, I might do some manipulation, I might do some acupuncture. I might do some bio-energetic healing. It all depends.

Holistic Doctor Brooklyn, NY

The First Appointment with a Holistic Doctor – Dr. Kamau Kokayi – Call (718) 622-2042

New patients can learn more about Dr. Kamau Kokayi and Healing Health Services from the practice website https://www.healinghealthservices.com/ . Patients who want to schedule a new appointment and consultation should call (718) 622-2042.