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Corona Virus Intensive Webcast

Protect & Equip

Dr.Kokayi’s intention is to equip you and your loved ones with the tools to protect against the evolution of the virus.

Dr.Kokayi’s has successfully treated patients with Covid-19. He will combine his thirty+ years of experience, expertise and scholarly research to produce a webinar that will help you to heal yourself.

Dr.Kokayi’s is a licensed medical practitioner serving the global community for over thirty year helping to successfully heal people with the gamut of illness, including lyme disease, cancer, depression, Covid-19 and the list goes on.

Considering his experience and expertise, Dr.Kokayi’s COVID-19 intensive webinar, is valued at 175$ but just wait, the doctor has a special for you:)

Dr.Kokayi will explore the various ways that the virus can attack and weaken the body. He will review alternatives that can make a difference in your favor.

Valued at $175
This intensive webcast is now $50