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What does a holistic doctor do?

If you are in search of an experienced, caring doctor in Brooklyn NY, Dr Kamau Kokayi is a physician worth visiting. Kamau Kokayi, MD is a physician who is highly skilled in integrative medicine. A homeopathic doctor, with additional training in many holistic practices, Dr. Kokayi is a conveniently located doctor in Brooklyn that uses all natural remedies to address illness, but more important, as a preventative measure to keep you healthy.

Dr. Kokayi, a graduate of the Yale School of Medicine, has spent decades studying holistic practices and how to best integrate them with modern medicine.

Homeopathic medicine is regaining respect. For centuries it has influenced modern medical science and is a powerful approach to healing. As a holistic integrative doctor, Dr. Kokayi is a unique practitioner who has put personal attention and care back into internal and family medicine. As a homeopath Dr. Kokayi practices this method of healing that is based on the understanding that our bodies are designed to self-heal, under the right conditions. As a homeopathic doctor, he is committed to supporting your journey by helping you create those conditions that promote healing and long-term health.

Homepathy uses tiny amounts of all natural compounds, usually derived from minerals and plants, to stimulate the body’s natural healing tendencies. Developed originally in Germany, homeopathy doctors are quite common in Europe, and are becoming more and more popular in the United States.This is because of the effectiveness and ability of homeopathic treatments to heal with fewer side effects.

Dr. Kokayi prescribes to a philosophy of homeopathic medicine that believes that like cures like. In this approach to healing tiny amounts of anything that causes symptoms can be used to trigger the body’s natural defense mechanism. This does not mean that he does not practice modern, traditional medicine. As an integrative practitioner, Dr. Kokayi simply believes in using natural methods when conditions warrant.

In his practice, a relationship with patient is built on mutual trust. He has earned the trust of hundreds of patients by providing careful and highly competent care. This includes a full exploration of your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle and habits that influence health. Only by obtaining a full picture of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of well being can this intuitive practitioner diagnose the root causes of any illness. His goal is to treat the root cause and eliminate disease, and not just easy or cover up symptoms, although that is certainly part of the care you will receive.

Dr. Kokayi has developed unique therapies that can block the receptors that activate autoimmune responses and causes them to cascade throughout your entire system. He does so without using extreme measures, such as the use of steroids, that have serious side effects.

He treats patients with rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disorder affects your joints and can also cause inflammation of the eyes, skin, lungs or heart and blood system. The lining of the joints can be hard to treat with traditional medicine. However, there are a number of holistic treatments that can increase blood flow and reduce this inflammation. Acupuncture is one such treatment. It frees up the flow of blood and energy to the joints and other troubled areas, and provides healing at a deep level, inside the joint cavity.

What is an appointment like with a holistic doctor like?

Any patient that is new to holistic care has many questions about how this kind of medical care is different from traditional practice. This depends on the practice, and the doctor. As a fully licensed MD, Dr. Kokayi has founded his practice on the use of modern medical practices to heal the body and alleviate symptoms. That said, his many years of additional training and practice as a homeopathic doctor has demonstrated how unique each person is, and how differently they may respond to treatment. In many cases, he has found holistic treatments can speed up the healing process, even when traditional methods are being used.

Holistic, and especially homeopathic, approaches can work to restore balance in your body’s systems, allowing them to become stronger and more resilient at fighting disease naturally. While extremely serious conditions and highly uncomfortable symptoms mostly require traditional treatment, homeopathic remedies can be much less invasive and effective in many cases.

When you arrive for your first consultation with Dr. Kokayi, one noticeable difference will be the length of time you spend discussing your medical history, mindset, lifestyle, stress diet and other factors that impact and influence a person’s overall health. He will always seek to get a full and detailed picture of who you are as a person and how well your body and spirit are functioning together in combating illness. In his many years of practice, he has seen incredible life changes take place because a patient has been alerted to how connected physical ailments are to emotional and mental stability, including the ability to manage stress, eat healthy, exercise, meditate or otherwise promote or discourage health.

There are any number of doctors in Brooklyn, but few can match Dr. Kokayi’s extensive knowledge and experience at holistic and homeopathic medicine, and the individualized care he offers all of his patients.

Request a New Patient Consultation with Dr. Kokayi

If you have been questioning if there is a qualified holistic doctor near me, the answer is absolutely yes. For many years, Dr. Kokayi has been seeing patients in his Brooklyn, NY offices and giving them highest quality care for a wide variety of conditions and concerns.

His unique experience and training provides patients like you with the best integrative diagnosis and treatment options that combines the advantages of modern medicine with specific, effective holistic treatments. As a homeopath and holistic doctor, as well as an MD, Dr. Kokayi brings the best of all approaches together into one professional and caring practice.

Your search for a highly qualified doctor in Brooklyn, NY that combines the best of homeopathic, holistic and traditional medicine is over, but only if you call for a consultation with Dr. Kamau Kokayi today at (718) 622-2042.

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