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Today, detoxification is gaining followers who understand that our modern world, our diet, and intense lifestyles are leading to ill health. The presence of toxins and unhealthy chemicals in our bodies is a testament to how much we need to deliberately cleanse our systems to stay healthy.

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Detoxification naturally can be accomplished in different ways. Nutrition and eating the right antioxidants is important. Clean water intake is also crucial. But what else can you do to ensure that you have cleansed your system from harmful compounds?

Our body is designed to naturally cleanse itself of toxins. Your body’s systems, when operating at peak, will naturally go through daily detoxification of heavy metals. But, how do you know if your intake is higher than your body’s ability to process it?

Healing Health Services offers several detoxification therapies that can help you complete a body cleanse, as you benefit from the elimination of toxins and find renewed energy and health.

What conditions does detoxification treat?

Toxicity is one factor that can influence our health, but it can be overwhelming to consider all of the ways that we are exposed to unhealthy compounds. From the water, we drink and the food that we eat to the carpet we walk on and the air that we breathe, toxins are said to be everywhere. Should we be concerned?

There are many bodily functions affected by toxicity. For example, respiratory illness can result if our bodies are unable to remove carbon dioxide effectively and supply enough oxygen to all parts of the body. Diseases such as chronic bronchitis, fibrosis, emphysema, or other lung conditions can result.

The renal system rids the body of waste and regulates bodily fluids and salt. Kidney trouble, urinary infections, kidney stones, tissue damage, and other blood disorders may be a problem if the system is overtaxed. The liver, which is an important filter for toxins can also be overtaxed. An all natural colon cleanse is an effective treatment, as long as it’s done under the supervision of a medical doctor like Dr. Kokayi.

Our cardiovascular health relies on nutrients and toxins work to diminish the body’s ability to move nutrients, gases, and waste through the system. By addressing toxicity we can stabilize our body temperature, fight infections with a healthy white blood cell circulation, and improve heart and organ function by carrying the necessary oxygen to all areas of the body.

When it comes to producing healthy egg and sperm cells, and creating a healthy fetus, nothing is more important than a toxin-free body. And, finally, our immune system protects us from wild viruses, tumor growth, or infections from bacteria. Low toxicity is an important step toward a healthy immune system and makes a body less likely to attack itself (which is the definition of an autoimmune disorder).

How Does Dr. Kamau Kokayi use detoxification?

Dr. Kamau Kokayi has several proven methods for cleansing your system. The goal is to be as natural and non-invasive as possible, but to use whatever methods are necessary to achieve the optimum functioning of your organs and systems.

Our detoxification plan may include a liver cleanse or a colon hydrotherapy session. This organ is one of the hardest workings, as it regulates blood composition and balances proteins and fat, and eliminates sugar. It also helps blood to clot properly. The liver also plays a crucial role in removing toxins from the bloodstream. Giving this organ a much-deserved boost through a cleansing treatment is a great way to start any detoxification plan.

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Nutrition counseling is another detoxification process that Dr. Kamau can guide you through. By removing processed foods, and eating things that are rich in potassium, iron B vitamins, and other essential nutrients, you can strengthen your body’s ability to remove harmful chemicals and toxins. Weight loss is often a side benefit of these types of treatments.

An experienced holistic practitioner like Dr. Kokayi might also prescribe a colon cleanse, which boosts the efficiency of the organs in your body that process waste,

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Our busy lives and the intense pressures we are under make it hard to live the healthiest life. But, what is more important than that? Dr. Kamau Kokayi is a dedicated, experienced integrative medical doctor that will combine the best of modern medicine, and holistic practices. Healing Health Services offers the services that can lead to a complete detoxification of body and mind for a healthier you.

For the highest quality integrative and holistic medical care, stop by or call (718) 622-2042 for an appointment today, and begin your journey to complete health and wellness.

Dr. Kokayi often uses IV therapy as part of the detoxification treatments that Healing Health Services provides.  You can read more about all of the complementary health care services that the practice offers here: