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7 DAY MEDITATION With Dr. Kamau Kokayi

New Declarative Statements

  • The Life Energy that Flows thru me is the same Life Energy that flows through all creation.
  • The Consciousness that manifests through my human reality is rooted in a Divine and Infinite Expanse
  • As I resonate with the Infinite Being that I AM I become aware of the Love that is All Around me
  • The Unconditional Love of my Essential State of Being dissipates all fear, knows no boundaries and is the fundamental Language of the Universe
  • I allow myself to become one with my Heart Consciousness which keeps me in touch with my True Unlimited Nature ReplyForward

Declarative Statements

I am a unique emanation of the Presence that is

  • Never in Absence
  • Love is the core of my existence and is the fundamental language of the Universe
  • With each breath my heart reveals more of my true nature.
  • The Consciousness that expresses itself through me is unique and limitless.
  • Love is the source of my power and infuses my heart and mind.