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What exactly does BioGeometry refer to?

At Healing Health Services our focus is on offering our patients the very latest and greatest of homeopathic care and treatments. We’re proud to provide a number of different types of therapy, ranging from “hands-on” techniques like acupuncture to bioenergetics, applied kinesiology, and herbal remedies. BioGeometry is one of the many approaches used by Dr. Kokayi in our practice. Based on the premise that nature works to create and distribute energy to us so that we can harmonize with the environment, this concept has a lot of powerful ideas to teach.

Quite literally, the term refers to the language and design of the natural world and of each living thing. It serves to illuminate all of the ways, often hidden, by which nature is able to distribute energy among all of the beings that inhabit it. The concept took significant research to develop, with “founder” Dr. Ibrahim Karim studying and researching for over thirty years to fully form the theory. Since its introduction, the concept has taken off, with thousands of students seeking to learn more about it.

While most of our understanding of energy systems and the like seem to be based in traditions that are thousands of years old, this concept is relatively new, at least to modern thought. It teaches practical, powerful techniques that can be used in order to identify, differentiate, and use integral energy balancing and other tactics in order to improve health and overall consciousness.

What are its applications?

This concept has a myriad of applications and can be used in the context of all energy systems, including plants, animals, and humans as well as buildings and different environments. Even modern technological radiations can be analyzed using this construct.

Students of the concept are all over the world and have a number of different backgrounds. With that being said, perhaps the most noted application of the method is seen in holistic health, a branch of medicine that focuses on providing all-natural remedies and treatments for various condition and ailments.

With that being said, BG plays an integral role in other industries and professions as well, including architecture, interior design, conventional medicine, and spiritual studies.

Efficacy in holistic medicine

As an energy science with virtually limitless applications, BG is able to provide a whole host of benefits. This includes helping individuals with balancing daily life and treating their maladies and other problems. Dr. Kamau Kokayi utilizes this scientific theory as a means of crafting a number of treatment and therapy options for his patients. Throughout Egypt, where the concept was crafted, and Europe, countless medical and scientific projects have been conducted, all of which indicate just how powerful this approach can be.

About Dr. Kokayi

Dr. Kokayi has been well-known as one of the most experienced and qualified holistic and medical providers in the New York area, and for good reason. He is a graduate from the Yale School of Medicine and has spent the last thirty years studying homeopathic remedies. He has dedicated his career to providing patients with personalized care and quality services. He believes in expanding his knowledge and in using nothing but the best, most effective techniques. From acupuncture to herbal remedies and bioenergetics, Dr. Kokayi isn’t afraid to be bold when it comes to the types of treatment he offers.

His unique approach is largely due to his experience in both conventional as well as holistic medicine. This combination of these two schools of thought has given him a unique view that he then gifts to his patients. Dr. Kokayi believes that both western and eastern medical philosophy have their benefits, but his emphasis on homeopathic treatments is no accident. He’s found, over time, that traditional medicine focuses too heavily on synthetic medications and invasive procedures. While these methods certainly have their place and can be helpful at prolonging and even saving lives in certain situations, Dr. Kokayi believes that they are heavily overused.

He believes in addressing the root cause of his patient’s issues, and that means doing the detailed work necessary to not only discover what the symptoms of the condition are and how to treat them but also to uncover what the primary cause of the problem might be. He understands the toll that emotional and mental upheaval can have on physical health, and he’s very thorough in getting to know his patients so that he can better determine whether other factors are impacting their overall wellness.

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