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BioGeometry and Medicine

BioGeometry is a new field of science that uses specially designed language of color, sound, shape, motion and wave configuration to prompt harmony into biological subtle energy systems. BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian architect and natural scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim after more than 30 years of research and can be applied to all products of modern technology to add to their functional design criteria the additional balance of our body energy functions.

BioGeometry deals with the energy of shape; it uses shapes, colors, motion, orientation and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. BioGeometrical shapes are two or three-dimensional shapes specially designed to interact with the earth′s energy fields to produce balancing effects on multiple levels in biological systems.

BioGeometrical energy amplifies and balances the energy fields of the body on all levels, and thereby gives the body greater power to heal itself. The healing process resulting from a strengthening and balancing of the immune system manifests differently from one person to the other; certain results, however, have been repeatedly observed.

BioGeometrical shapes balance the body energies on different levels. Patients benefit on the emotional, mental, spiritual as well as the physical level. BioGeometrical shapes have been found to be effective over a very broad range, including the protection against harmful radiation emanating from the earth (believed to be a major cause of cancer) and different types of man-made pollution. For specific healing purposes, research is being conducted in collaboration with medical doctors in the science of BioSignatures®, which deals with energy of shape in relation to specific functions of the body organs.

BioGeometry Specialist

Dr. Kamau Kokayi, M.D., is an integrative and homeopathic medicine/healing specialist who offers BioGeometery Therapy, out of his Brooklyn New York and Los Angeles California Office. Dr. Kokayi has explored a number of different dietary therapies and was a vegan himself for 22 years. He studied intravenous therapies with the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and the Pan American Allergy Society. Scroll down to read more.