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What Is Bioenergetic Healing and What Does It Offer?

Healing Health Services is a premier medical practice in Brooklyn that offers bio-energy healing and other homeopathic remedies, all of which are provided by a licensed and highly-educated practitioner. Dr. Kamau Kokayi has over thirty years of experience in the world of holistic medicine and works tirelessly to combine western allopathic medicine with other healing traditions from around the world in order to create a healing practice that is not limited to pharmaceutical prescriptions.

According to western medicine and its providers, life is a biological concept with a living organism being defined by its molecular makeup and biochemistry. According to the theory of bioenergy healing, however, it is important to pay close attention to the ability of each cell to receive messages transferred to the body. Everything from light, heat, vibration, electricity, and magnetism can be crucial to the body and its overall function. They are not merely byproducts of the body’s function; instead, they are integral to the function of the body and are required in order to maintain health and well-being. Essentially, the term can be understood as the following: the belief that the body consists of two different parts, namely energy and biology.

How Does Bioenergetic Therapy Affect Health?

There are a number of healing techniques that are all-natural in nature, and Chinese Herbal Medicine or TCM is perhaps the most well known of these methods. The vast majority of these disciplines focus on the body as a system coursing with energy. It is this flow of energy that is responsible for maintaining the health of the body. The qi, or the “life force”, is the term that is used to describe this energy flow in Chinese medicine. When the qi becomes blocked or diverted, the end result is illness and discomfort. Different cultures refer to this “life force” using different names. Words like umbwinge, prana, and the vital force all refer to this invisible energy that we rely on for life.

What Is Bioenergy Healing?

Bioenergetic healing therapies allow the practitioner to interface with the biofield of an individual. The research showing that the body has its own electromagnetic field has been around for many decades and the interface between this field, the body’s tissues and the thoughts and emotions of an individual continues to be documented in research by scientists and practitioners around the world.

Various traditions train individuals in how to sense and manipulate this field. Dr Kokayi has had training in Qi Qong and Pranic healing and has cultivated his own unique style of bio energetic work that involves crystals and use of a bioenergetic scanner developed within the NES health system. This area has fascinated Dr Kokayi since his work in medical school in looking at the role that electromagnetic fields play in acupuncture and health in general. Dr Kokayi also collaborates with talented healers in this field of practice and the work he does with people in the field of meditation focuses on helping them to release traumas and charged experiences that distort their fields and lead to illness and disease.

Bio energetic therapy is an important complement to people that want to address root causes of illness given the overriding affect that stress has on our systems. It is also a good complement to other bioenergetics therapies like acupuncture, biogeometry and homeopathy.

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At Healing Health Services, nothing matters to Dr. Kokayi or his staff more than ensuring that the best possible care is provided to each and every patient. Over his decades of experience, he’s worked with many patients who are interested in learning more about the many benefits that alternative and complementary medicine have to offer.

If you’re located in Brooklyn, New York or Los Angeles, California and you’re looking for holistic specialist who can offer you the care you seek, look no further than the practice of Dr Kamau Kokayi. He is well-versed in all manner of treatments and works closely with each patient in order to craft a treatment plan that works for them. To learn more about bioenergetic healing or to schedule a consultation at our practice, give us a call today at 713-310-5764. Dr Kokayi also does virtual consultations with people around the world. We would love to speak with you and to your answer your questions.

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