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What Is Applied Kinesiology?

With MMT (manual muscle testing) consistent pressure is applied. If the muscle does not respond smoothly, with consistent return pressure, the doctor will explore further the likelihood that there is a problem related to the stimuli being presented to the body. In the systems of kinesiology that Dr Kokayi utilizes a muscle may test weak for a multitude of reasons; some structural going all the way into emotional and thought and energetic imbalances. Functional weakness of organs and any kind of inflammatory issue will at the very least cause muscles to be weak that are serviced by the same set of nerves and energetic meridians. Testing might also include the placement of chemical of a substance or physical stimuli on the body or bioenergetics point. Insight into just about any disordered state in the body can be assisted through an applied kinesiologic exam. This practice aligns closely with chiropractic care and is employed by many holistic doctors and chiropractors who view it as an accurate non-invasive form of testing.

Over the years Dr Kokayi has worked with no less than six different kinesiologic systems. He has found this field of study and practice invaluable as an aid in getting to the root causes of problems as well as steering him in the right correction therapeutically. The body is willing to teach if you can interpret the language of the symptoms it produces and MMT can help provide valuable insights.

What Does Applied Kinesiology Treat?

With MMT testing, consistent pressure is applied. If the muscle does not respond smoothly, with consistent return pressure, the doctor will explore further the likelihood that there is a root problem with a corresponding organ or other bodily systems. Testing might also include the placement of chemical or physical stimuli on the skin covering the muscle. The doctor might also ask you to re-visit in your mind any negative experiences or thoughts you have been experiencing to identify if there are any mental factors impacting your health.

Applied kinesiology should be thought of as a powerful portal giving a practitioner access to the mind/body’s indwelling intelligence thus guiding the practitioner in their development of a treatment plan. It will complement whatever other skill sets the practitioner wants to bring to bear on the problem being uncovered, from structural manipulationi to biochemical and bioenergetic. According to Dr Kokayi every primary care practitioner should have some understanding of how to employ this discipline in their practice.

How Does Dr. Kokayi Use Applied Kinesiology with Patients

Applied kinesiology is a discipline that Dr Kokayi uses at just about every office visit. It is an important bridge between mind and body, and energy and substance. The information gleaned from using applied kinesiology is part of what Dr Kokayi uses to come up with his treatment plan and approach.

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In addition to applied kinesiology, Dr. Kokayi relies on various forms of Bioenergetic Healing to to assist in the understanding of a clients complaints and the appropriate treatments needed for restoration of health. To read more about the holistic medicine and treatments that the practice provides, visit the services page: https://www.healinghealthservices.com/medical-services/