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Acupuncture Treatments with Dr. Kokayi

According to acupuncture expert Dr. Kamau Kokayi, Western medicine has become far more accepting of acupuncture as a viable form of treatment. Modern medicine has the ability to measure electromagnetic waves of energy and that technology has been able to verify that the “meridians” acupuncturists believe are energy gateways in the body, do indeed transmit energy.

In his thirty years of practicing as an acupuncturist, Dr. Kokayi has seen a tremendous increase in the number of clinics offering acupuncture treatments. He believes that is because patients like you are recognizing that western medicine, while making wonderful advances, is incomplete and that certain conditions, especially back pain, migraines, joint pain, and even infertility respond more readily to the release of blockages that exist at the meridians.

For a first time patient, understanding how acupuncture needles are used is important. Many people have a fear of needles in general, but a highly skilled acupuncturist like Dr. Kokayi will introduce the treatment in a way that makes it extremely easy to be comfortable and calm.

One of the most popular treatments at Healing Health Services is acupuncture for back pain. Back pain can be the result of many things. For some, the extreme stress of modern life is held in their lower back. If you work long hours and spend too many of them sitting at a computer, you might also suffer from back pain. Intense fitness workouts with too little time spent warming up or cooling down can also be the culprit. Back pain is a condition that can truly impact every area of your life, making it hard to work or enjoy your usual activities.

Acupuncture and Holistic Medical Care

Dr. Kokayi is a doctor who listens. He will begin by understanding your lifestyle, habits, and mental mindset, along with any specific incidents that may have triggered your pain. Then, to treat the musculoskeletal problem, he will carefully and quickly insert a needle into the joint, or muscle at the key pressure point, to release any blockages. The increased flow of energy and proper bodily fluids, many of which contain healing properties, will flow more freely and diminish the inflammation and pain in the area.

Often, Dr. Kokayi will use acupuncture to follow up after he practices manipulation on a joint or a muscle. Acupuncture can “lock-in,” that joint correction so you will experience a better flow of healing energy and fluids to that troubled area and it will remain pain-free.

Acupuncture therapy can be used as a complement to kinesiology or bioenergetics. If a patient is experiencing liver trouble, acupuncture practiced in the proper meridian helps increase the bioenergetic response in the liver. If you are suffering from an issue with breathing or your lungs, an acupuncture treatment done along the thoracic spine, a spinal muscle, will send a sympathetic chain reaction to help to ease bronchial dilatation and improve overall breathing.

Acupuncture for migraines is very effective, as it provides tremendous relief for patients. Dr. Kokayi also practices a lot of acupuncture for back pain, one of the most common conditions patients experience, by treating you along what he calls the “shoe points,” which are meridians along the forensic and lumbar regions, near the spine. It involves the insertion of needles into the ear, which has all of the meridians only, which is said to have all meridians.

Acupuncture and Holistic Medical Care

As an energy science with virtually limitless applications, BG is able to provide a whole host of benefits. This includes helping individuals with balancing daily life and treating their maladies and other problems. Dr. Kamau Kokayi utilizes this scientific theory as a means of crafting a number of treatment and therapy options for his patients. Throughout Egypt, where the concept was crafted, and Europe, countless medical and scientific projects have been conducted, all of which indicate just how powerful this approach can be.

Dr. Kokayi has been well-known as one of the most experienced and qualified holistic and medical providers in the New York area, and for good reason. He is a graduate from the Yale School of Medicine and has spent the last thirty years studying homeopathic remedies. He has dedicated his career to providing patients with personalized care and quality services. He believes in expanding his knowledge and in using nothing but the best, most effective techniques. From acupuncture to herbal remedies and bioenergetics, Dr. Kokayi isn’t afraid to be bold when it comes to the types of treatment he offers.

His unique approach is largely due to his experience in both conventional as well as holistic medicine. This combination of these two schools of thought has given him a unique view that he then gifts to his patients. Dr. Kokayi believes that both western and eastern medical philosophy have their benefits, but his emphasis on homeopathic treatments is no accident. He’s found, over time, that traditional medicine focuses too heavily on synthetic medications and invasive procedures. While these methods certainly have their place and can be helpful at prolonging and even saving lives in certain situations, Dr. Kokayi believes that they are heavily overused.

He believes in addressing the root cause of his patient’s issues, and that means doing the detailed work necessary to not only discover what the symptoms of the condition are and how to treat them but also to uncover what the primary cause of the problem might be. He understands the toll that emotional and mental upheaval can have on physical health, and he’s very thorough in getting to know his patients so that he can better determine whether other factors are impacting their overall wellness.

The Healing Properties of Acupuncture

One deep concern many patients have is infertility, especially if doctors have struggled to identify a medical cause for infertility. At Healing Health Services, Dr. Kokayi can identify areas where there is a constricted flow of energy and place needles precisely into those areas, sending his own healing energy and freeing up yours, so you can be more prepared to conceive.

Acupuncture around the ear is another method of treatment. It was discovered, through brain mapping, that the ear has a microsystem of the entire body. Also known as auricular acupuncture, the stimulation of certain points on the external ear with needles can lead to healing in corresponding areas of the body. Cupping, a method that can be used independently, or as a complementary treatment with acupuncture, can also be a very healing process. Heated “cups,” are placed on the skin at the meridians, and as they cool, they draw out toxins and create a more open pathway in the meridian.

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Dr. Kokayi has over 30 years of experience as an integrative doctor, and it is second nature for him to identify intuitively, through palpation, precisely where the energy is blocked and where the needles, and or cups, should be placed. His form of medical acupuncture is a pain-free, holistic treatment that offers long-term relief for the problems you suffer from the most.

Contact Dr. Kamau Kokayi today, and take that first step to total healing and a pain-free life through the ancient, respected tradition of acupuncture. Call (718) 622-2042 for an appointment today and be on your way to better health.