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Dr. Kamau Kokayi, M.D.. is a leading physician and the founder of Healing Health Services. A trusted holistic doctor, Dr. K. has been practicing for over 30 years and is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.

At Healing Health Services, physician Dr. Kamau Kokayi puts you, the patient, at the center of all assessments and treatment plans. This intuitive doctor tunes into what is at the root of your issues or illnesses and relies on his expertise in homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and the combined healing powers of integrative and traditional medicine to treat the root causes of illness, not just your symptoms alone.

Holistic Medicine Brooklyn

Dr. Kamau Kokayi is an expert in various non allopathic (or non mainstream) medical disciplines, including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and theory, homeopathyapplied kinesiology and a number of bioenergetic therapies and forms of homeopathic practice, including classical homeopathy. Always open to new ways of thinking about health and wellness, Dr. K. is the first choice for those looking to heal inside and out, and live a life free of pain and illness.

Dr. Kamau Kokayi will help you explore how your physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual well being are impacting your health and put you on the road to complete wellness.

Meet Dr. Kamau Kokayi

Holistic Health Services

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Services We Provide

Holistic Integrative Medicine

Holistic Integrative Medicine incorporates modalities such as acupuncture, herbs and other forms of medicine.



Acupuncture is an extremely important aspect in achieving optimum health, especially for chronic conditions.



Dr. Kamau Kokayi combines medical knowledge with homeopathy to provide the ultimate medical care.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective at treating illness and preventing disease in all the key areas of health.


Areas We Serve

Holistic Medicine Brooklyn

Healing Health Services was founded by physician Dr. Alex Eingorn, an experienced chiropractor for over thirty years. Alex Eingorn knows that chiropractic adjustments are the first line of defense for treating illness and disease. Poor spine alignment can cause searing back pain, neck pain, migraines or lower back pain. Dr. Alex Eingorn is considered by many to be the best NYC chiropractor.

Patient Reviews


Gershon H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kokayi’s for nearly 14 years and so much healthier for it. His approach to medicine is fantastic! Aside from the people I have referred to him who include family, friends, friends of friends and co-workers – the biggest compliment that I can possibly give is that his quality of care has instilled the trust that even allowed me to make those referrals.

Kevin H.

Dr. Kokayi has been my primary doctor since 1988. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Dr. Kokayi is not only one of the best naturopathic/holistic practitioners on the planet, he is one of the best doctors period (regardless of approach and field). I have recommended him to countless friends, and they have been very thankful for the recommendation, and in turn recommended him to their friends. I am thankful that there are doctors of his caliber in the NYC area!

Joanne H.

I have been seeing Dr. Kokayi for over 10 years and I credit him for helping me to avoid traditional medicines despite my family history. I could not be more grateful! He is a unique practitioner who takes the time to have an in depth discussion on every visit. He treats the source, not just the symptom and the whole person, not an illness. My husband and children are also patients.

Tamika G.

Dr. Kokayi’s knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine, in combination with his professional, yet personal bedside manner make him an ideal doctor. He listens to and integrates all aspects of your life before writing prescriptions and is very accessible for questions, comments and concerns. I am a long distance patient and Dr. Kokayi is very receptive while I’m away, careful to consider any medical recommendations made in my home city. I would recommend Dr. Kokayi if you are ready to start healing your mind and body versus treating it on a situational basis. Well, I’d recommend him regardless!

Roberta G.

Dr. Kokayi is the best! He uses his Western medical knowledge with Eastern modalities (he’s licensed in both) and most of all – LISTENS to you. He is extremely thorough and definitely does the most extensive blood work I’ve ever had. I went to him with a weight problem and he suggested the HCG Protocol. It was exactly what I needed, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Tim H.

I have been going to him on and over for seven years. He is brilliant and understands the science of medicine and is an artist when it comes to treatment. I had severe Chrohn’s and have been on all sorts of heavy bilogicals and the side effects at times have been worse than the good effects. Long story short I needed to see an MD that will take an integrative approach. Dr. Kokayi has been a GOD send for me. He cares and does not give up until there are results.

Donna N.

Dr. Kokayi has been caring for me and my family for about 23 years. He listens. He is an expert in holistic care, and has successfully treated my husband and me with various conditions using a natural approach where other doctors would have prescribed a pill and sent us on our way. We feel so blessed to have him as our family doctor. He is a caring physician and pays attention to each of us as individuals, choosing the appropriate treatment that best suits the situation. If he doesn’t have the answer, he finds someone who does. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Marisa D.

Dr. Kokayi has been the doctor for my husband and I for over 20 years. He has been able to diagnose health issues where other doctors have failed too. He takes his time listening to your issues and concerns, throughly examines you using many techniques. He prescribes herbal and vitamin supplements but when need be uses western medicine as well. I trust him like no other doctor.

Sally S.

I have just started going to Dr. Kokai and feel better already. He is both medical and intuitive and has no false ego and a wonderful sense of humor and a natural confidence because he has seen results of healing. He clearly knows his stuff.

Stacie J.

Amazing doctor! I can honestly say he saved my life and put me on the path to a healthier one. He’s been my go to for medical care for over a decade.

Philo P.

Dr Kokayi is the doctor we all dream of finding. He asks questions and listens to your answers, giving you the time you need to express yourself. No rushing. His knowledge is universal, all-encompassing and all-embracing. His intuition and techniques are astonishing. I firmly believe there is no challenge – be it physical, mental or spiritual that he can not help with. He is the best doctor out there. Go to him in confidence that he will help you to change and heal your life. Absolutely recommended.

Keith B.

Simply the best! I’ve been seeing Dr. Kokayi for over 10 years. If you run into a wall with traditional doctors and all they want to do is treat symptoms with Pharmaceuticals, you definitely want to call Dr. Kokayi. He’s the best of both worlds, with an MD from Yale and expert skills and everything from energy healing to homeopathy. He truly helped turn my life around.

Pauly D.

As i sit here trying to think on what to write, i am at a loss for words… There is no words that can describe how grateful my family is for the help we received from Dr kokayi. We have taken our daughters to him for some time now and he has been amazing at healing them!  The kindness, caring personality that he posses is like no others.. He works with an amazing staff and team of other professionals. They treat you like family, they make time to get you in their facility to help get you where you need to be. Dr kokayi has been on point with both of my daughters. I can not say enough of the doctor. Don’t waste your time, money anywhere else or take a chance with your health, make appt and see the dr!

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